SAIC Innovation Center, founded in 2015, is located in the core of Silicon Valley, California. SAIC Innovation Center has become the Pilot of SAIC in Silicon Valley for innovative practices in technologies, business models and new emerging industries.

On June 28, 2017 SAIC Innovation Center (LLC) officially obtained the California permit for testing self- driving vehicles, that is, SAIC Motor’s autonomous vehicle can be found running on the public road in California.

The permit covers two cars and one driver. SAIC becomes the 35th organization to receive a permit, following automakers Ford, GM, Honda and Tesla. In addition, it’s the first Chinese Automobile OEMs to be granted permit in California. Two of SAIC’s rivals in China automobile market, FAW and Dongfeng, haven’t yet received the approval to test autonomous vehicles in California.

Valley and beyond. Backed by SAIC MOTOR a top automaker in China, SAIC Innovation Center is inclusive and diversified.

    • Every phase of the automotive technology development from concept to prototype till the product
    • Assisting SAIC MOTOR on its Autonomous Driving research
    • Keeping an eye on North American regulations and rules; standards and policies
    • Creating new concept for the future customized mobility travel
    • Collaborating with other Innovation teams in the Silicon Valley

Step by step, SAIC Innovation Center is approaching the goals in the Silicon Valley.