SAIC Innovation Center, founded in 2015, is located in the core of Silicon Valley, California. Backed by the biggest OEM in China, we engage in every phase of the technology development pipeline from concept formulation and validation to prototype testing, with the aim to deliver continuous innovation initiatives to reshape the quality, functionality, and value in our products and services.

Technology, like leadership, never stands still. As part of the SAIC Motor Global R&D network, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center will seek to identify, sponsor, and nurture developing technologies by partnering with front-running universities and start-ups.

SAIC Innovation Center has become the Pilot of SAIC in Silicon Valley for innovative practices in technologies, business models and new emerging industries.

As an important role of SAIC’s global research and development network, the mission of SAIC Innovation Center is to support SAIC’s vision and strategic objectives and take full advantages of Silicon Valley’s international innovation platform, make progress in the areas of advance technology research and keep abreast of global auto industry & related areas of cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, support the blue ocean strategy in SAIC’s brand development.


2015 →
  • Office opened in 2680 Zanker Road Silicon Valley.
  • Three lab cars shipped from Shanghai put into testing.
  • Employee, family and friends picnic and team building.
  • SAIC IC obtained autonomous testing car plate from the State of California, became the 1st one in China OEM enterprises granted this plate.


SAIC Venture Capital

SAIC Capital is a corporate venture capital firm formed in 2014. Its purpose is to establish SAIC as a major player in developing leading-edge technology for the transportation industry. It is located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley.


SAIC USA offers innovative and efficient solutions for every phase of international supply chain management. From our headquarters in Birmingham, Michigan, we establish a “Gateway to the Americas” for our parent company SAIC Motor in Shanghai, China.