What we do?

SAIC Innovation Center, founded in 2014, is located in the core of Silicon Valley, California. As an important role of SAIC’s global research and development network, the mission of SAIC Innovation Center is to support SAIC’s vision and strategic objectives and take full advantages of Silicon Valley’s international innovation platform, make progress in the areas of advance technology research and keep abreast of global auto industry & related areas of cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, support the blue ocean strategy in SAIC’s brand development. SAIC Innovation Center has become the Pilot of SAIC in Silicon Valley for innovative practices in technologies, business models and new emerging industries.

Autonomous Driving Solution

SAIC IC Autonomous Driving Team focus on :

  1. Perception based on Deep Learning with LiDarPoint Cloud Data, Computer Vision 2D image and High Definition Map data to have a precise understanding of vehicle environment.
  2. Vehicle Control based on Deep Reinforcement Learning with Sensor fusion data.
  3. Develop and implement algorithms for end-to-end Deep Reinforcement Leaning to map directly from sensor data to brake & steering commands:
    • Optimal parameters for an rule based AD driving strategy
    • A deep RL based AD steering and acceleration commands

Future HMI and Key Feature Design

As an innovation lab, SAIC IC will assist SAIC Group to orient future HMI direction and conduct proof of concept. We have built following foundation platform which can boost our researches on this area:

Machine Learning Prototyping Platform: flexible and expandable back-end platform for building intelligent features.

HMI Prototyping Platform: flexible and expandable in-vehicle platform for building intelligent features.

New energy solution for EV/PHEV

Electrification of vehicle has been confirmed as SAIC key strategy. As antenna in Silicon Valley, SAIC IC New Energy team keep close relation with various start-up companies and research institution. By collaboration with Stanford and other partners,we would explore innovative solutions of solid-state battery and fast-charging deriving from basic knowledge of materials. We believe any progress in this area would be deeply affected auto industry.

SAIC IC has the capabilities to conduct combined temperature and humidity scenarios as required by certain international standards and procedures. Exposure conditions include temperature ranges from -40°C to +180°C and humidity ranges from 10% to 95% relative humidity. This chamber also configured with various cell fixtures for cells in different shape.

Share Mobility

Private car-ownership is expect to decline in the next 5-10 years. There are also ecological and economical benefits to shared vehicles as cities aim to be more environmentally aware and to reduce congestion, undoubtedly there will be more mandates to reduce carbon footprint from vehicles. Several traditional OEMs already have dedicated research and development efforts on shared mobility, as well as non-traditional players eager to tap into the market. It will be a race to see which company could offer a complete solution to gain market dominance.

Our goal is leverage SAIC’s expertise in vehicle manufacturing in additional with technological advancements in autonomous driving and HMI being develop at the Innovation Center. We target to deliver a comprehensive solution that will satisfy both market and consumer needs that will open up new areas of business and revenue for SAIC.

Vehicle Concept Integration

2016.01: SAIC IC lab is equipped with LABCAR, vehicle lift, exhaust system and on-board diagnosis device. The lab is compartmentalized into a garage and an electric lab, all conforming to the highest safety standards. IC now is capable of vehicle retrofitting, autonomous driving algorithm development and integration of auto-electric system.